I Demand Satisfaction: Today marks the 174th year that dueling has been illegal in Washington. Let’s make it to the 175th. +2

The Ring: Should D.C. apply for the 2024 Olympics? Nope, but it’s nice to think about. +2

If It’s Free, It’s For You: Zeke’s DC Donutz—-last seen stirring controversy with its earlier name, Cool Disco Donuts—-has its grand opening tomorrow. Show them there’s no hard feelings and help yourself to some donuts, free to the first 200 customers. +3

All Good Things Must End: The Zendiks—-the cult or, alternately, farm collective who peddled their “Stop Bitching/Start a Revolution” shirts around town—-are selling their West Virginia farm. Relive the magic with Washington City Paper‘s 2005 deep dive on the group. +/-0

Tuesday’s Needle rating: 72 Today’s score: +7 Today’s Needle rating: 79