The White House has a list of all the D.C. programs that could go without funding if Congress can’t avert the sequester, and there are a lot. The D.C. residents who stand to lose most in the sequester include:

  • Teachers: The sequester would eliminate $533,000 in education funding.
  • The old: District seniors would lose $191,000 in meal assistance.
  • The young: Two hundred students would lose their Head Start and Early Head Start enrollment.
  • Cops: $80,000 in law enforcement grants would be on the chopping block.
  • Fish: $64,000 in fish and wildlife protection grants could be eliminated, as well as clean water funding.

The sequester also threatens funding for domestic violence victims, disaster response, and work study jobs. Meanwhile, the sequester’s big winners could be infectious diseases, with 370 children not receiving vaccinations for whooping cough, tetanus, and measles.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery.