Mayor Vince Gray‘s “Sustainable D.C.” plan for Washington, unveiled last week, aims to make Washington more environmentally friendly over 20 years. But is all this talk of public orchards and wind farms just a scheme from shadowy United Nations group Agenda 21? The Canadian Free Press says yes.

“The Green Growth Sustainability of U.N. Agenda 21 has finally arrived in our nation’s capital,” Free Press columnist Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh writes about the plan. According to Paugh, by reducing carbon emissions, Gray is playing into the United Nations’ plans to curtail American property rights.

Of course, the actual Agenda 21 environmental plan is nowhere near as scary, even though it’s been blamed for a host of conservative conspiracy theories. Naturally, the Washington version of Agenda 21 even has a war on cars tie-in (emphasis added):

Building codes will become more stringent in order to reduce carbon footprint, and a percentage of the city’s electricity will have to come from renewables, as well as demanding more investment in public transit. The idea is that over time, cars should become obsolete, moving everybody into public transportation or bike riding.

What is this, themail? Alas, despite warnings from Paugh, who is American, Washington’s time may be up:

Here we are, transforming our way of life fundamentally, our cities, District of Columbia included, at great expense and pain to all, based on environmental lies, scientific misinterpretation of data, and U.N. Agenda 21’s schemes to redistribute wealth and to control every facet of life.

Why, Mayor Gray, why?

Photo by Darrow Montgomery