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If you enjoyed tracking the “Harlem Shake” meme, but worried it didn’t have enough potential to provoke personal injury lawsuits, well, you’re in luck:  Now comes “gallon-smashing,” as practiced by three Vienna, Va., teens.

The rules of gallon-smashing are simple: Go to a grocery store, get one or ideally two gallon bottles of milk or juice, then throw them into the air and pretend to slip. The smashing itself gets old fast, but watching people flop onto grocery stores is surprisingly entertaining.

Fox 5 aired a segment on the Vienna teens last night, and it plays like an outtake from Footloose. One woman who sees the video gets so upset at the idea of liquid on a floor, you’d think Fox 5 was showing her “2 Girls 1 Cup” instead of a suburban prank. On the other hand, one of the teens claims that they didn’t plan to damage any property, which is a little rich given that they’re doing something that includes the word “smashing.”