Last month, several Pigskins players fell victim to a woman lying about herself online. But they’re not the only Washingtonians who’ve been catfished, according to a study by dating site What’s Your Price.

Men in D.C. lie more on their online dating profiles than men in any other U.S. city, according to the pseudo-escort site, which allows “generous” members to pay for dates with “attractive” ones (wink, nudge). Thirty-seven percent of men surveyed admitted to lying on their profiles, with most liars exaggerating their career or education accomplishments. Washington liars outpaced men in San Francisco and New York, which came in second and third, respectively.

But that doesn’t mean Washington women are off the hook. Washington women also lied on their profiles at a rate of 37 percent, according to the survey, putting Washington women in second place behind Las Vegas women. Like D.C. men, District women were most likely to lie about their careers or education.

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Catfish photo by Shutterstock