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Say what you want about real estate agent and alleged Ballston underwear-rifler Stephen Brumme, but you have to admit that he’s very businesslike in his creeping. Just take a look at the above video, shot in a home police say Brumme accessed using his real estate business’ swipe card. Brumme pulls out some underwear, evaluates it, tucks it back in if he’s not interested, then considers another. He’s definitely got an underwear-snatching system down, even if it’s a weird and illegal one.

The Examiner has a great two-sentence description summing up Brumme’s alleged workaday perviness:

The video shows Brumme on his cellphone giving directions to his client while he slides open drawers and examines the women’s underwear, said [Arlington County police spokesman Dustin] Sternbeck. As the prospective buyer arrives, Brumme can been seen slipping the garments into his back pants pockets.

Brumme, a 60-year-old Silver Spring resident, has been charged with burglary and possession of burglary tools.