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Sad news for a Friday: Post-sequestration, more federal agencies are handing out furlough notices.


  • Few answers in slow ambulance response to injured MPD officer. [WJLA]
  • In Maryland, it’s gambling time. [Post]
  • You’ll take the Pigskins’ name from general manager Bruce Allen‘s cold, dead hands. [WTOP]
  • Quick-play games helping D.C. Lottery’s finances. [Examiner]
  • Franklin School still sitting empty. [Examiner]
  • Metro struggles with ancient radios. [Examiner]


Photo of the Day: This Week’s Page Three Photo.

Bump It: The National Capital Planning Commission is set to study the effects of changing the Height Act.

Road to Nowhere: Why do D.C.’s ambulances keep breaking down?

Worried For Good Reason: Washington gets teased for panicking over snow, but the city has a reason to.

Young Money: Some D.C. art spaces are getting new investment cash.

Mix It: If you’re looking to make cocktails with District-made or -themed ingredients, we’ve got you covered.

LOOSE LIPS, by Loose Lips columnist Alan Suderman. (tips? lips@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • Office of Campaign Finance hires its first investigator in a decade, the new hire has a checkered past. [Post]
  • Tommy Wells wants a hearing into noambulancegate. [Post]
  • Why Hollywood hates D.C. [WBJ]
  • School Without Walls principal hires wife, says it’s kosher. [Examiner]
  • Job posting hints at Vince Gray’s tech policy. [WBJ]
  • Budget picture not as rosy as you might think. [Post]
  • Improvements to the CBE program are probably a long ways off. [Examiner]
  • Man charged with hitting police officer with car has other assault charges pending. [Post]

HOUSING COMPLEX, by Aaron Wiener (tips? awiener@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • Office of Zoning doesn’t accept emails because it once received a fake email. [GGW]
  • Marion Barry wants mandatory preschool. [DCist]
  • This is the building that inspired the Height Act. You can see why. [Ghosts of DC]
  • Bachelor pads are getting ridiculous. [WSJ]
  • The Verizon Center’s getting digital signs that have some neighbors pissed. [Post]
  • The Alexandria waterfront could see its density tripled. [WAMU]
  • Repairs begin on the Washington Monument. [DCist]
  • D.C.’s budget is tighter than it appears, with implications for affordable housing. [Post]
  • A closer look at D.C.’s truancy problem. [GGW]
  • Today on the market: Michigan Park’s getting kinda pricey

ARTS LINKS, by Ally Schweitzer (tips? artsdesk@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • Verizon Center digital billboards approved—with conditions. [Washington Business Journal]
  • The Cyrus Cylinder, which goes on view tomorrow at the Sackler Gallery, is notable for its own history, but also for the significance various groups and leaders have projected upon it over time, writes Phil Kennicott. [Post]
  • Study: Alexandria’s arts scene produces more than $70 million a year in economic activity. [Washington Business Journal]
  • Scaffolding rises at Washington Monument. [WJLA]
  • Marvin Gaye‘s daughter, Nona Gaye, talks about her father and her play at the Warner Theatre, My Brother Marvin. [Post]
  • Virginia photographer finds Jesus in a muslin cloth. [WTOP]
  • The second A.R.T. of Go-Go event comes to Mt. Rainier this weekend. [TMOTTGoGo]

FOOD LINKS, by Jessica Sidman (tips? hungry@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • Forty dishes Washingtonians can’t live without [Post]
  • Brand name staples reinvented by restaurants [Express]
  • DGS Delicatessen will offer Passover menu. [PoPville]
  • BLT Steak‘s barrel-aged cocktails [Girl Meets Food]
  • Who’s cooking at Cochon 555 this year? [Washingtonian]
  • Seafood suppliers using QR codes to give buyers more info on their fish. [WBJ]
  • D.C.’s most anticipated spring restaurant openings [Eater]
  • Inside Toki Underground‘s Erik Bruner-Yang‘s fridge [BYT]