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Former Pigskins tight end Fred Davis finally had his day in court yesterday over a 2011 nightclub altercation with an alleged “pimpette,” Washingtonian reports.

Some background, for those of you who haven’t been following the debate over whether Davis threw juice on some suede boots. Davis allegedly started arguing with Makini R. Chaka—-a former friend and a “pimpette” or “celebrity broker,” depending on whose account you believe—-at Josephine Nightclub in 2011.

Chaka claims that Davis, incensed that she was hanging out with Ravens players because their team was more successful, threw a pitcher at her. The resulting kerfuffle ruined not only her boots, but her business, Chaka claims. Davis insists juice was thrown on him first.

Both Chaka and Davis represented themselves in the run-up to the trial, which produced great moments, like this debate over whether a “pimp cup” is, in fact, a “decorated accessory.”

Unfortunately for spectators, both Davis and Chaka have since hired counsel. But that doesn’t mean the case is without intrigue. At one point, Davis’ bodyguard, who claimed before the trial that Chaka is a madam—-a “pimpette”—-hinted that he could get some sort of client list:

During cross examination, Davis sometimes-bodyguard Stewart Prince was asked to provide evidence that Chaka was in fact a “madam/pimpette.”
“Do we really want to go there?” Prince responded. “I can get proof.”
He then testified that he had seen Chaka procure prostitutes for men “plenty of times.”
When asked for specific clients, Prince clammed up. “I’m not name dropping in the court room.”

Prince’s testimony was stricken from the record.

Unluckily for Davis, there’s surveillance video of the pitcher-throwing. While Washingtonian‘s Luke Mullins describes the video as clearly showing Davis throw the pitcher at Chaka, Davis describes a pitcher that had a mind of its own, claiming alternately “the bottle came out of my hand” and “I release it.” It’s not clear when the judge in the case will deliver a verdict.

Photo by Keith Allison used under a Creative Commons license.