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If you didn’t get lucky at the Conservative Police Action Conference 2012 in Washington, you weren’t trying hard enough. The general sexiness of last year’s younger attendees was frequently lamented, with RedState’s Erick Erickson moaning about young cons buying condoms and blogger Melissa Clouthier denouncing them as “two-bit whores.”

But this year’s conference, starting Thursday, will be much more modest, because publicist Adrienne Royer has made an infographic called “What to Wear at CPAC.”According to Royer, CPAC’s dress code means suits, boots, and dresses—-but definitely no TOMS, rompers, or “‘dressy’ shorts.” “If you would wear it to a club or a bar, DON’T WEAR IT,” Royer writes.

But maybe CPAC never had a whorishness problem after all. Last year, blogger John Hawkins argued that CPAC women hook up less than the average, non-CPAC-attending woman because they “don’t believe in abortion and their friends probably WILL judge them harshly for having a one night stand in DC.”

With a crowd this fun, who needs sex and booze?

Photo by Flickr user Gage Skidmore used under a Creative Commons license