At 20-42, our Wizards are not at risk of setting futility records anymore. But still, all is not well in the land of King Ted.

Czeched Out: The Post profiles Czech forward Jan Vesely, whose promising career dead-ended this year when he was benched for 23 games so far this season. But Vesely isn’t taking the criticism to heart. He had trouble in the Serbian League at first too, he points out, and the fans there ended up loving him.

Cheese Talk: Milwaukee Bucks fans are getting cocky about tonight’s game. Writes Bucks’ blog Behind the Buck Pass: “The glaring difference between the two teams is that the Bucks are passable on offense, while the Wizards are, um, the worst.”

All Over: But John Wall brings his own braggadocio! “Everywhere [on the court] is my sweet spot,” declares Wall. Not so, writes Eric Freeman at Yahoo! Sports: “John Wall’s shot chart does not inspire.”

Graphic by Carey Jordan