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You should be happier than ever that Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu ruled in Romania and not the United States. Inspired by Ceaușescu’s ruinous decision to obliterate much of the center of Bucharest to make room for the People’s House, a huge administrative building, two Romanians have created a Google Maps mash-up that imposes the building’s footprint on downtowns across the world. Above, how the massive administrative complex might look in Washington.

You’ll have to use your imagination some—-not even Ceaușescu could build on top of the Potomac, for example. But if he could have, the results would’ve been ugly—-6,300 Washingtonians would have been displaced by the construction, according to the mash-up’s calculations.

“The scale of the irreparable damage makes most regrettable American urban renewal schemes look modest in compariso,” writes the Atlantic Cities.

Keep that in mind next time you look ruefully toward Southwest.