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What happened to us? While the rest of the country was stuck in the recession, Washington actually had jobs, and people wanted to move here because of it . But as the economy recovers, the Post reports, America’s gain is Washington’s loss.

New Census figures from July 2011 to July 2012 put Washington at 15th on the list of fastest-growing metropolitan region, with a 1.5 percent population growth that puts the metro area’s total population at 5.8 million. Before the latest figures were released, the D.C. area was ranked fourth among fastest growing metro areas, with 1.9 percent growth.

What’s to blame for Washington’s declining popularity with America’s job vagabonds? The Post‘s story blames it on people choosing to head for the Texas energy boom or Southwestern towns busted by the recession. Meanwhile, cutbacks in government spending from sequestration and a winding-down war in Afghanistan aren’t helping.

Moving truck photo by Shutterstock.