Laundry detergent is a reliable currency in the drug economy. But is it also a good place to hide your drugs? That’s exactly what police say alleged drug trafficker Luis Garcia-Monro did last week on New York Avenue.

Undercover agents met Garcia-Monro at the McDonald’s at 2200 New York Ave. NE on March 17, according to the Metropolitan Police Department. Enter the detergent box.

“[Garcia-Monro] exited his vehicle and entered the front passenger seat of the [undercover] vehicle with a GAIN laundry detergent box,” writes a Metropolitan Police Department in a court document. “The defendant told the [undercover officers] that the product that they were purchasing was a good product and they were going to love it.”

A ringing endorsement for Gain’s capacity to clean while still keeping clothes fresh? No! Instead, police say they found 525 grams of cocaine in the box. Garcia-Monro has been charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

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Detergent photo by Shutterstock