With the Washington Post paywall set to launch this summer, you have to wonder whether our town’s other top media outlet is going to start charging.

You know, [Pigskins].com.

“The answer is absolutely not!” writes an emphatic, unnamed writer on the team-owned site. “[Pigskins].com is and will remain free!”

The not-so-subtext: the Pigskins will keep offering sports news about the hometown team for no charge, unlike a certain newspaper.

While some media outlets have announced plans to start charging for some digital content requiring online readers to pay a subscription fee, not us!

[Pigskins].comTV, articles, blogs, social connections, live streams, archives, player fantasy stats, exclusive interviews with [Pigskins] players, and more! All of it will remain free for the greatest fans in the NFL!

Frankly, we’re offended on their behalf that anyone would think [Pigskins].com would institute a paywall. Who would ever suspect Pigskins owner Dan Snyder of soaking fans for money?