Councilmember Marion Barry‘s apologizing today after whoever runs his Twitter account called the National Park Service a “mofo” for the Rock Creek Park deer culling. But the mystery tweeter isn’t the only one upset about the ongoing deaths. Outraged activists are planning to hold daily vigils to protest the killings, starting tonight through Saturday.

The protest is being organized by In Defense of Animals, a California-based animal rights group that previously lost a lawsuit aimed at stopping the killings. The group claims it didn’t expect the depopulation to start until the fall.

“Practically tame and pregnant deer will be lured to piles of apples and grain where they will be mowed down with bullets and arrows,” the group writes in its press release, which describes the cull as a “surprise slaughter.”

The protests, which start at 5 p.m., will be held at the intersection of Military Road NW and Oregon Avenue by a “Rock Creek Park” sign.


Photo by Mr. T in DC used under a Creative Commons license