Best in Pests: As you know, April is National Pest Month, which means it’s time for Orkin’s list of the most pest-infested cities. The District comes in fifth, with ticks as the top pest in D.C. -3

(Lion Roar): Young supporters of Council hopeful Michael Brown shot their own take on the “Harlem Shake,” about two months too late. Don’t they know that local politics is only for the extremely hip? -1

Gonna Get Schooled: Fairfax County’s fancy Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is getting a $90 million expansion, which includes a wave tank and lasers. +3

This Robbery Is Making Me Thirsty: Two armed robbers in D.C. couldn’t resist chugging from a bottle after a recent crime—-and as a result, ended up in surveillance footage. +2

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