Pole Position: Stadium Club raises the bar for strip-club food.
Pole Position: Stadium Club raises the bar for strip-club food. Credit: Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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Trendy Washington strip club Stadium Club has made its name by attracting women customers, but a March lawsuit from a former dancer at the club alleges that the club’s female employees aren’t treated as well.

Talayna Clements, who previously sued the club over alleged violations of fair wage law, is back in court with a new lawsuit. In the new case, Clements alleges that the club’s general manager forced her to have sex with him.

The trouble began, according to Clements’ lawsuit, at a July party for NFL players. The club’s general manager told her and another dancer to stay afterward for a drink, she alleges, and then things got worse:

[Clements] drank the drink that General Manager made. The other dancer went outside to smoke a cigarette. The General Manager then told [Clements] to come over here and dance for me, so she did. Plaintiff was doing an exotic dance with her back facing the General Manager. While [Clements] was dancing she turned around and she saw him pull his pants down and noticed he had an erect penis. He then put a condom on . The General Manager then told [Clements] that she was going to have sex with him right now. [Clements] was scared and intimidated. She did not know what to do. So she unwillingly had sex with him for fear of losing her job and her livelihood. The General Manager had sex with her for a few minutes before he ejaculated.

Clements is seeking $2,000,000 in damages from the club, claiming that her human rights were violated. But in a statement, Stadium Club denies that it allows managers to sexually harass employees (or in Clements’ case, much worse): “The Stadium Club has a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual misconduct with dancers and/or employees of the nightclub,” the statement reads. “Had these allegations been brought to the attention of the owners or our general manager, that employee would have been terminated immediately.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery