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The Uber-driver alleged rape story—-which featured accusatory listserv emails, surveillance camera footage, and the arrest and abrupt release of the driver without charges last month—-is over. The Post reports that prosecutors have decided not to pursue charges against the driver.

The decision not to file changes came after discrepancies were discovered between statements from the woman and the driver, as well as evidence in the case, the Post reports. While the driver claimed that the woman had given him consensual oral sex and not vaginal sex, the driver’s semen was found inside her. The victim, who called Uber after being kicked out a bar for being drunk, told police that the driver raped her as she was getting out of the car.

The December email on the Cleveland Park listserv that first broke the story claimed that a surveillance camera aimed at the driveway showed the driver carrying the woman to the door. According to the Post, though, the camera footage showed the woman waving to the driver as he left, which she told police she didn’t remember.

Uber, which connects drivers employed by sedan services with passengers via a phone app, suspended the driver from the service after the allegations surfaced.

Sedan picture via Shutterstock