She’s back! “Anti-jihad” blogger Pamela Geller, whose definition of jihad seems to be “everyone who is Muslim,” could soon run a set of controversial ads in the District. No, not that one. Not that one, either.

This time, Geller is mad about a series of “Israeli Apartheid” ads that have run in New York. In response, Geller and her American Freedom Defense Initiative group are placing their own “Islamic Apartheid” ads.

But this fight won’t stay confined to New York. In an email to City Desk, Geller says she’ll run her “Islamic Apartheid” ads wherever the “Israeli Apartheid” ads are. “If we take this campaign nationwide, D.C. will be next,” Geller writes.

That syncs up with the plan of American Muslims for Palestine, which sponsored the “Israeli Apartheid” ads. In an email, a spokeswoman for the group says it will likely run the ads in Washington—-which means you shouldn’t be surprised to see the above ad on a Metro platform shortly.