YouTube video

A white passenger on Metro’s Green Line purportedly dropped the n-word recently to terrible results, according to a new YouTube video posted on the Unsuck D.C. Metro Facebook page.

For his part, the agitated white passenger claims in the footage that another passenger called him a “faggot.” But the white passenger’s racial slur escalated the situation, judging by the video, with several passengers starting to berate him.

Things even uglier around 1:30, when the white passenger sees that he’s being filmed. He appears to reach out to grab or slap the camera, but instead gets pushed onto the Metro seat by other passengers. There’s only few seconds of footage, but at least two people are covering him, and one of them is making punching motions. As the scuffle ends, one passenger yells out, “That’s what you get, motherfucker.” At the end of the video, the white passenger is standing up again.

Update, 5:00 p.m.: Metro says police are investigating the incident.

Update, 4:23 p.m.: Dropped use of “alleged” because he clearly says the racial slur at 1:02.