A new affidavit from a Secret Service agent reveals the motivations of the man whose alleged bomb threat and suspicious vehicle closed roads around the White House this morning.

Krzysztof Wasik was charged with threatening and conveying false information regarding the use of an explosive today, after he allegedly approached a Secret Service agent and said he had parked a truck with a bomb nearby. A bomb squad responded to the truck, which was parked in front of the Veterans Affairs Building, but no explosives were inside.

According to a statement of facts from a Secret Service agent, Wasik was using the “bomb” as leverage to speak with President Barack Obama about truck regulations. “He was upset about the rules and regulations concerning semi- trucks and was angry about fines that he had to pay,” the statement reads.

The first time he complained about regulations to a Secret Service officer by the White House fence, Wasik agreed to send his concerns about regulations to another government agency instead, according to the statement.

But he returned minutes later, according to the Secret Service. He wanted to talk to the president so badly about the regulations, he claimed that he would detonate the bomb. “I know what it takes to get things done around here,” the statement reports him saying. “I have a bomb in my truck parked 500 feet from here.”

Wasik’s desire to talk to Obama about the truck regulations went even further, according to the Secret Service. While the bomb squad was investigating the truck, Wasik insisted that he wanted the bomb to go off, even though he was already in custody. “I don’t care if children or veterans are harmed by the bomb,” Wasik said, according to the statement. “I only care about speaking to the President.”

White House photo by Shutterstock.