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Meet the Press host David Gregory isn’t too pleased that the annual D.C. Design House is in his Foxhall neighborhood this year. The Design House attracts people, some of whom come in cars—-cars that are parked in front of David Gregory’s house!

The Post reports that an incensed Gregory made a scene in front of the Design House Tuesday, yelling loudly enough that his neighbors could hear. Gregory characterized his complaints about cars parked at his house more mildly. He would say that, of course—-the alternative is that he lost it over a show house fundraiser for a children’s hospital!

Gregory tells the Post that he’s taking his concerns to his Advisory Neighborhood Commission, which sounds like an awfully toothless threat. Maybe Gregory’s tormenters should back off anyway, though. He’s already shown that he’s willing to break gun laws.

Photo by pvsbond via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license