The Howard University sorority lawsuit has taken another byzantine turn! The story of two seniors’ legal fight to get into a sorority now involves something very unsisterly: witness tampering.

In case you missed the strange case of the would-be sorority sisters, some background: seniors Laurin Compton and Lauren Cofield, and their mothers are suing Howard and the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, alleging that their legacy status was ignored in the pledge process, in part because they refused to go along with “dehumanizing” hazing.

A lawsuit is a a strange way to get into a sorority, but Alpha Kappa Alpha apparently took the complaint seriously enough that it decided to cancel sorority privileges for both Compton’s and Cofield’s mothers. The note spooked potential witnesses, according to the plaintiffs, and convinced Compton’s mother not to attend a hearing.

In an opinion released Thursday, Judge Rosemary Collyer slammed the tampering as “deplorable” and “supercilious.” Collyer decided not to sanction the sorority for the tampering, but that didn’t depress their outspoken attorney, J. Wyndal Gordon.

Gordon, the self-proclaimed “Warrior Lawyer,” took to Facebook to trumpet the judge’s decision. “We’re just getting started,” he writes. “The Warrior Lawyer!!”

Photo by Flickr user Travir used under a Creative Commons license