Serious Stuff: Should Nationals fans stop doing “the wave?” Your Needler doesn’t know anything about baseball, but it does seem like the anti-wave crowd is light on arguments. DCist writes: “It’s amateurish, never well-timed, and, well, kind of pointless.” Coincidentally, that could describe most things fans do at sports games. Plus, Bryce Harper is in favor. +3

Rowdy Teens: Forty-three Arlington teens have been charged with underage drinking after partygoers started throwing their drinks at a cop. -1

Fisticuffs: But the District is not without its own rowdy teens. As proof, there is this video, shot at a Chinatown Metro station brawl on Friday. -3

Mysterious Tweet: Is Robert Griffin III‘s tweet against “political correctness” a cryptic stand against renaming the team the “Redtails”? +1

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