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D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier took to News Channel 8 yesterday to warn  participants of an armed march into D.C. on July 4 that police would meet them at the Virginia border. But that isn’t dissuading organizer and talk show host Adam Kokesh, who tells City Desk he still plans to march.

While Kokesh says he’s willing to peacefully submit to arrest if his gun rights march is blocked by law enforcement, he still plans to go ahead with the march. At worst, he thinks criminal charges against him and other demonstrators could lay the ground for a Second Amendment court fight.

And Kokesh won’t just be facing off with law enforcement—-he’ll be standing with them. He claims that he’ll be joined by active police officers from jurisdictions across the country in the protest, which reveals the disparity between what he calls, very Game of Thrones-ingly, “the oath keepers on our side and the oath-breakers on their side of the line.”

So far, around 2,700 people have signed up on Facebook for the march. Kokesh says he can conduct the protest with a tenth of that.

“We’re assuming it’ll have the critical mass to pull this off,” he says.

Gun photo by Shutterstock