Derecho II: Electric Boogalo: Call it another derecho or not, but tonight and tomorrow could bring damaging thunderstorms to the region. (Even the congressional baseball game could be canceled!) Those of you who went without power for days last summer may just want to leave town now. -3

Federal Taxi Commission: As if having thousands of angry emailers on its side against the D.C. government wasn’t enough, luxury sedan booking service Uber has a new ally now—the feds. The Federal Trade Commission submitted written comments Wednesday to the D.C. Taxicab Commission, saying some proposed rules that might make things harder for Uber would also make life worse for consumers. Five stars for Uber driver Uncle Sam? +1

This Space for Rent: Don’t like what the Washington Post‘s editorial board or columnists are saying about you? Now you can buy a response, as part of the paper’s new “sponsored content” initiative. No word yet on whether the D.C. Council plans to purchase the chance to push back against the Post‘s view that corruption is baked into city politics. -1

Go Truck Yourself: The Red Hook Lobster Pound food truck is the nation’s best, according to the Daily Meal. But it’s not the one you may have lined up at for lunch today: The D.C. truck was ranked number 66. Its New York-based sister operation won. (The District did get some respect, though: The Fojol Brothers came in third.) -1
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