Today, we say goodbye to the Washington Examiner as we know it. The conservative tabloid, a staple of D.C. sidewalks and Metro stations for more than eight years, will cease daily publication and relaunch as a weekly magazine. A redesigned Examiner website goes live on Monday, and the new print publication debuts on June 20.

In its new format, the Examiner will drop all local news coverage (and more than 80 staffers, though several of the laid-off employees have been hired to stay on) in favor of national political coverage. While local news consumers should lament the loss of the Examiner‘s tenacious watchdog reporting, they might also miss another of the paper’s defining features: its bombastic front pages, which juxtaposed the cover story’s headline (frequently sensational) with another story’s photo below it. These unrelated pairings regularly produced amusing, ironic, or plain bizarre results. (Yesterday’s front page: a headline about Asians moving to the region with an unrelated photo of Tiger Woods below it.)

Blogger Ryan Musser compiled a number of these page-one gems, and we’ve culled 10 favorites from the pack. Washington Examiner, the war on cars will not be the same without you.

Photos courtesy of flickr user gringo_loco87