Red Line trains are single tracking-between the NoMa and Brookland stations after an incident at the Rhode Island Metro this afternoon.

According to WMATA, around 1 p.m., a train struck something on the tracks just outside the Rhode Island station. The train was offloaded after a rescue train arrived on the scene to transport the 63 passengers on board. As of 2 p.m., more than 20 Metro employees and transit police were on the scene.

D.C. fire department spokesperson Tim Wilson tells the Washington Post that the train hit some kind of debris and, contrary to earlier reports, did not come off the tracks. (Fire officials initially described the incident as a derailment.) Wilson also says that two people were taken to a hospital after being evaluated at the Brookland Metro, though no further details were available.

NBC Washington’s Adam Tuss tweets that passengers on the disabled train described a loud bang when the train struck the debris and said that it felt like the car jumped, though apparently both wheels did not leave the track.

Red Line passengers are of course noting their displeasure at the both-directions delays. FixWMATA’s passionate frontman Chris Barnes took a moment to remind followers that there’s one of those White House petitions circulating to replace the WMATA Board of Directors on the grounds that poor management has led “to an environment where we no longer feel safe using Metro public transit.”

Currently, the petition is 99,767 signatures shy of its goal.

Photo from Twitter user @mrsplacedsoul