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Yo, Kanye, I’m Really Happy for You: U Street Music Hall will play the new Kanye West album, Yeezus, on what’s widely considered one of the best sound systems in town tomorrow night. New father West is, after all, the Michael Jordan of music*, so it should be worth checking out. (*: Self-declared) +1

Gentrification Everywhere: It doesn’t just seem like the whole District is getting fancier and fancier; it actually is. At least that’s the basic takeaway from a new report submitted to the D.C. Tax Revision Commission, which lists 18 neighborhoods that had median property values and gross incomes below the citywide average in 2001 and above the average in 2011. Why only 18 neighborhoods? Presumably because most of the others were already expensive before 2001. -1

Endless War on Cars: Not only is there a reserved, protected bike lane on 15th Street NW, but now the badly damaged surface of the lane is going to be repaved. Dorothy Rabinowitz was right: The bike lobby is an unstoppable menace! +2

Cuckoo for Cocktail Puffs: Kiddie cereal mixed with booze (and half-and-half) for $10 shows up on a D.C. brunch menu. Sign of the apocalypse? Or the clearest sign of the apocalypse ever? -1

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