Voting is for Fools: Primary elections for mayor, D.C. Council chairman, and other District offices look likely to remain on April 1—April Fool’s Day—next year. Lawmakers had talked about making it a bit later, but they can’t get consensus on a new date. No word on whether the results of the elections will be treated as an elaborate hoax. -1

Doors Closing: Metro’s updated schedule for major track work shows a high chance that you’ll continue to be frustrated by long waits for subway trains on the weekends. No track work is scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend, though, so maybe you should think about just staying here for the holiday. -1

Truckin’: Food trucks are formally going legal, four years after D.C. officials first started trying to write regulations to deal with them. Eat up! +2

Hail to the Rockets: Next time you’re in the mood for a burger from a local restaurant, you’ll have to walk on by Johnny Rockets. The investment firm run by Pigskins owner Dan Snyder has sold the chain to Sun Capital Partners Inc., owners of Boston Market. Presumably, this means some new operator will come in to sell overpriced food at the space Johnny Rockets occupies at FedEx Field. +1

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