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Peaceoholics Anonymous: The District’s attorney general is suing Adrian Fenty-favored gang intervention group Peaceoholics for more than $600,000, alleging that the nonprofit’s leaders understated their salaries on tax paperwork. +/-0

King Tide and Super Moon: Not the names of sumo wrestlers, it turns out! The moon will be full almost when its orbit is at its closest to the earth, causing it to appear extra-large. And thanks to the alignment of the Earth, the sun, and the moon, this weekend will see unusually high tides. +3

Wait, Wait, Don’t Sell Me: NPR’s glitzy, green-roofed new headquarters on North Capitol Street is too fancy for the public radio behemoth’s haters. +2

Donut Unto Others: The region could add 60 to 70 more Dunkin’ Donuts franchises in the next four or five years. Boston Kremes for everyone! +5

Yesterday’s Needle rating: 50 Today’s score: +10 Sunny Friday bonus: +2 Today’s Needle rating: 62