Half-Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em: Soon a respectable night out on H Street NE will end the way one does on U Street NW. Ben’s Chili Bowl has acquired 1001 H St. NE, and expects the new location to be up and running in about eight months. (Unfortunately for adventurous, highly inebriated late-night eaters, the H Street Taco is already a thing.) +2

But Don’t Smoke Anything at UMD: The University of Maryland has banned smoking on its campus. +/-0

Pleasant News: After receiving a building permit last month, Mount Pleasant’s burned out Monsignor Oscar Romero Apartments will have a groundbreaking tomorrow, bringing the building closer to habitability for the 200 people who lived there before it was destroyed by a 2008 fire. +3

Mother’s Inn Law: The mother-against-son saga of Dupont Circle’s Tabard Inn is long, byzantine, and tragic. -3

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