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This (Sandwich) Town: To review This Town, Mark Leibovich‘s poison-pen letter to wide swaths of official Washington media and political operatives, the New York Times turned to David Shribman, the editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and a former Boston Globe Washington bureau chief. How former? Shribman “departed a decade ago,” he says. Maybe that explains why he opened his review with a swipe at D.C.’s pizza and subs, neither of which seem to have much to do with the incestuous culture Leibovich wrote about. DCist notes the various excellent sandwiches available in the District now that Shribman’s not around, but maybe we should all just be glad the Times didn’t diss D.C. as badly as it did Chicago recently. That, and also be glad that we don’t put French fries on our sandwiches. -2

Dying Industry, Dying Museum: Facing financial trouble, the Newseum has had four rounds of layoffs since 2008 and cut back on contributions to employee retirement accounts, but the budgets still don’t seem to balance. It’s like one big meta-exhibit on the state of the news business! -2

Eastbound and Down: Why doesn’t D.C. have a train that runs to the beach, like fellow East Coast burgs Boston, New York, and Philadelphia? Actually, there’s a simple answer to that question: We’re much further from the coast than those cities are. Still, imagining you could take Amtrak to Bethany is fun, right up to the part where you imagine the outraged tweets about the lousy Wi-Fi crossing the Kent Narrows. +1

Fight the Power: For the second day in a row, Pepco customers in Shaw and Bloomingdale lost power due to a feeder being down. The good news: At least a thunderstorm didn’t knock the lights off. The bad news: Burying the power lines won’t prevent this kind of outage. -1

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