Big-Boxed: Ahead of tomorrow’s D.C. Council vote on a large retailer living wage bill, Walmart executives say the company will pull out of three planned D.C. stores—-and reconsider three others—-if the legislation passes and Mayor Vince Gray signs it into law. Walmart detractors will say the big-box chain is trying to bully legislators concerned with the poorest inhabitants of D.C.’s labor pool; its fans will say the bill is bad for business and jobs. Whatever the threat means, and wherever you stand, now’s a good moment to peruse these harrowing tales from Walmart employees. -3

Facebook ‘Em: An MPD officer was cleared of administrative charges alleging that he threatened Michelle Obama on social media, although he did receive a 40-day suspension due to unrelated conduct that was unbecoming an officer, and will likely not return to an MPD motorcycle unit that has escorted the president around D.C. -1

Sometimes a Condiment Is Just a Condiment: Be troubled that the swagger of mumbo sauce, like Cool “Disco” Dan before it, is being jacked. Be less troubled that it is being jacked deliciously. -1/+1

Trains Keep a-Rollin’: Metro reached a deal for a four-year contract with its largest employee union. The good news: That should avert any concern about a possible transit strike here like the one that ended last week in San Francisco. The bad news: The deal doesn’t prevent weekend track maintenance and its attendant station closures. +1

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