Good Council: The D.C. Council passed a living-wage bill over Walmart’s objections, introduced a marijuana decriminalization bill, let Vincent Orange wax megalomaniacal about whether his office has a side-door, and hung out with Spider-Man. How much do you love this town right now? +10

Autumn (and Winter, and Spring, and Summer) Leaves: Howard University Hospital employees will be furloughed for eight days over the next year, a move that could save the university $6 million. -3

Hail to the Kastles: The local professional tennis team has now won 34 consecutive matches, surpassing the record for most consecutive professional sports wins set by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1971 and 1972. +2

12 Ounces of Glory: It must be mid-July, because tomorrow’s free Slurpee day. +2

Yesterday’s Needle rating: 69 Today’s score: +11 Today’s Needle rating: 80