We Need Some Money: Living modestly in the D.C. area requires $88,615 for the average family of four, according to a new study by the Economic Policy Institute. That makes this the second-most expensive region in the country, behind only New York (finally, a category where every Washingtonian is happy to cede the top spot to Gotham). The median household income for the region is slightly less than that figure, and the median income for the District is more than $25,000 less. -5

Meet the Mets: “Davey Johnson is the manager of the National Mets,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said this morning, making thousands of D.C. baseball fans suddenly wonder if the Senate Republicans aren’t right about Harry Reid. -2

We All Scream: An ice cream truck was carjacked last night on Cedar Street SE. It was recovered a block away, because ice cream trucks are not the most subtle vehicles on the road. -1

Happy Birthday and Semper Fi: The U.S. Marine Band was established by an act of Congress on July 11, 1798, which means the Barracks Row-based ensemble turns 215 years old today. To celebrate, they enlisted composer John Williams to write a jaunty birthday fanfare. +2

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