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Water, Water, Everywhere: There’s no more need to stockpile bottled water and fill up your bathtubs, residents of southern Prince George’s County. Although 100,000 residents nearly found themselves waterless for up to five days, officials have found a way to divert water around a failing main. Now let’s pop open some fire hydrants downtown and make this heat wave bearable+2

MTO to Go: The news that Fairfax County is getting a Wawa will only amplify the perennial Wawa-vs.-Sheetz debate. The Needle, for the record, is on Team Sheetz. +2

Printer of Mass Destruction: The MLK Library’s new Digital Commons area has a 3D printer, but staffers are on hand to make sure no tries to use it to make a firearm. +2

Panda Prison: Rusty the red panda, D.C.’s most adorable fugitive, is now under 24 hour camera surveillance. If Milbanksy were still around, surely he’d be printing “Free Rusty” decals right about now. -1

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