The Pigskins Shame Spiral is an occasional feature tracking developments related to the name of D.C.’s beloved football team.

Who: Hall of Fame wide receiver Art Monk (No. 81 in your programs, No. 1 in receiving yards) and Hall of fame cornerback Darrell Green.

Change the name? It should be “seriously considered” (Monk) and “deserves and warrants consideration” (Green).

Why? The same reason a lot of people think so: The name offends people. If “Native Americans feel like [Pigskins] or the Chiefs or [another] name is offensive to them, then who are we to say to them, ‘No, it’s not’?” Monk told WTOP. Green agreed, telling the station, “It deserves and warrants conversation because somebody is saying, ‘Hey, this offends me.”

Shame Spiral Rating: SMDH. Monk and Green are among the best players ever to wear burgundy and gold, as anyone who watched the team win three Super Bowls under Joe Gibbs remembers (and they were fan favorites, too; I had a kid-sized Monk jersey when I was growing up). Dan Snyder may say he’ll “NEVER” change the name of the franchise, but to a lot of fans in the area, Art Monk and Darrell Green might have more  of a claim to the team’s legacy, no matter who owns it.

Illustration by Jandos Rothstein