Green paint was found splattered in the National Cathedral this afternoon. Cathedral spokesperson Richard Weinberg confirmed that paint was found but declined to provide further details.

According to a National Cathedral employee, the paint was found in one of the chapels on a lower level that is open to the public but less frequented than the main floor. The extent of the damage is unknown.

Earlier this afternoon, WUSA9 reported that a statue of Joseph Henry across from the Smithsonian Castle had also been vandalized with green paint. Questions about a possible link between these incidents and last week’s paint splattering at the Lincoln Memorial are pending, as U.S. Park Police did not immediately return a phone call.

Update, 3:22 p.m. The paint was found in Bethlehem Chapel, which, according to the Cathedral’s website, is located directly below the high altar in the Cathedral nave’s east end.

3:28 p.m. One employee of the National Cathedral tells City Desk that the green paint struck an organ, but it was not immediately clear how much of the paint hit the instrument, or how severe the damage is.

water color paint splash photo via Shutterstock