Green Monster Be Gone: Green paint splattered in the National Cathedral by a vandal last week has been completely removed. +2

Trump Card: Donald Trump officially controls the Old Post Office as of today +/- 0

Wind It Down, Chuck: Plans for Chuck Brown Park will no longer include a amphitheater after neighbors expressed concern over noise. -2

Blood Pressure: Deputy Medical Examiner Lois Goslinoski testified that she was pressured to rule Al Ahmed Mohammed‘s death outside of DC9 in 2010 a homicide, even though she saw no evidence that Mohammed was attacked or smothered. Charges were brought against the club owner and four employees, though they were ultimately dropped. The owner and two employees still face a lawsuit from Mohammed’s estate that claims they are responsible for his death. -5

Monday’s Needle rating: 63 Today’s score: -5 Today’s Needle rating: 58