Plated: Still want to show your undying love for the Washington Nationals, even though they were just swept at home in somewhat embarrassing fashion by the Atlanta Braves, who now have a basically insurmountable lead in the division the Nats won last year? Try these official team license plates, available in the District now and soon in Maryland and Virginia. +1

Hail to the _______: Slate and The New Republic join Washington City Paper, DCist, the Kansas City Star, and a growing list of other media organizations who think Dan Snyder‘s taste in football team names is worse than his taste in locations for beer sales. +2

Free Parking: D.C.’s guest parking permit system will expand citywide. The bad news: You won’t get a permit sent to you in the mail automatically, as residents in certain wards have the last few years. The good news: You’ll soon be able to go to a city website and request one. +1

Kids Today: The District is the country’s 10th-most expensive city in which to have a baby, according to Redfin, and also the third-best city to live child-free, according to Estately. In other words, D.C. parents (and I’m one of ’em): You’re doing it wrong. -2

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