Massive amounts of money  just doesn’t get you what they used to.

Residents at George Washington University—-one of the most expensive schools in the country, with a price tag nearing $60,000—-have taken to Facebook to express their “horror” stories with GW housing.

“This page was created with the intent of exposing the true state of GW campus housing. Our goal is to bring attention to GW’s blatant negligence and irresponsible housing practices,” the GW Housing Horrors page reads. A group of summer interns who say they’re paying about $400 a week to stay in the dorms this summer and experienced less than optimal living conditions, kicked things off with pictures showing sewage spewing from a sink, a ceiling collapsing on a toilet, and dirt coated air filters.

The page has attracted hundreds of likes, dozens of comments, and some response from the University’s Facebook page.

According to the University administration, these conditions are not a performative attempt to fight the school’s rich-kid reputation.

“Those photos are unacceptable to us, and we do regret that these experiences happened to our students,” Dean of Student Affairs Peter Konwerski tells City Desk. “It’s given us a chance to look at our own customer service and responsiveness to enhance our training.”

The University has nearly 30 dorms of varying types, and most of the pictures posted in the Facebook group seems to come from a few dorms that underclassmen typically reside in.

It should be noted that one of GW’s dorms—-the not-so-subtly named Ivory Tower Dorm—-made Princeton Review’s 2012 list of best college dorms.

Feel bad for the rest of GW’s summer tenants, then.