A Chevy Chase woman is receiving creepy notes at her doorstep, but for now it’s unclear whether these short letters are random acts of kindness or something far more sinister.

The woman solicited advice from her neighbors on the Chevy Chase email list earlier this week after she received a number of these handwritten, ominous-sounding love notes. “You are cared for. I want you, cursed or not. Signed: Dean Winchester, hunter.” Two others read: “Someone loves you. They will always be there. I love you, like they love you,” and “You are a valued person and I love you.”

Two of the letters are cryptically signed by #RA4M.

Dean Winchester is not a neighborhood guy exhibiting classic Chevy Chase chivalry, but rather a fictional character on the CW show Supernatural who hunts demons and supernatural spirits.

Now here’s where these notes get a bit meta: Misha Collins is an actor who plays the angel Castiel on the show that is often tasked with saving Dean and his brother from trouble.  Some of Misha’s real life fans created a Tumblr called Random Acts for Misha, where people—-mostly teenage girls—-post about the random acts of kindnesses they did in the name of Misha.

If you didn’t make the leap yourself, the acronym for Random Acts for Misha is RA4M. So: mystery solved?

The recipient of these notes was unsure if she should contact the police, but wrote on the Chevy Chase email list that she felt better once she did some Googling and concluded the notes likely stemmed from wayward teen fandom, not some stranger named Dean who likes to hunt.

“I suspect these notes may come from teenagers who might think they are doing something nice. I doubt they have any idea how threatening the notes are (to me in particular before I Googled “Dean Winchester, hunter”),” the Chevy Chase woman wrote on the listserv.

Still, some of the woman’s upper Northwest neighbors thought she faced a potential stalker situation that should be reported to the police. And, they added,  she should ensure her finger prints don’t tarnish any of the evidence the perpetrator may have left behind on the notes.

“I would suggest that you use gloves to pick up the notes. You should attach your own note to the bag on which you provide the time and date on which you placed the offending notes in the bag. You should sign or initial your note,” one neighbor wrote.

Stay posted for more news on this. An email to the recipient of the notes has not yet been returned. A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department said he had not heard about these letters, suggesting that, so far, the incident has gone unreported.