In case you’re keeping track: D.C. cabs have just crossed the 50 percent threshold for complying with the requirement that they install credit card readers.

According to the latest numbers released by the D.C. Taxicab Commission Tuesday, 3,064 cabs have already had their Modern Taximeter System installed. In total, the cab commission projects that 5,962 will get these electronic readers installed.

Cab Commission spokesman Neville Waters says that the commission has issued slightly more than 7,000 Public Vehicle Identification Number, and it assumes the cabs that are not yet scheduled to have card readers installed are likely part-timers who will retire or transition to working as part of the sedan class. The installation process will also serve as a way for the cab commission to update its figures on how many legitimate cabs are actually roaming the streets.

The commission’s report breaks down the installation progress by the eight approved Payment Service Providers and how many installations they have completed and still have on the docket to finish. Based on the chart, it seems the installation process has been slowed by shortage of payment readers, with many of the providers having hundreds of units on back order.

The report runs through Sept. 13.

The commission originally said all cabs would have credit card readers installed in by Sept. 1. When that deadline didn’t seem possible, the commission granted month-long extensions to more than 60 percent of D.C.’s cab fleet.

Last week, D.C. Taxicab Commission Chairman Ron Linton said 2,000 cabs could miss the new Oct. 1 deadline.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery