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Adams Morgan, beware: Wizards power forward Kevin Seraphin has lost his snake.

In an interview with Monumental Network reporter Casey Phillips on Friday afternoon, the 6-foot-9 Seraphin revealed that his famous pet snake—appropriately named “Snakey”—is now slithering free, be it in Seraphin’s Adams Morgan neighborhood or beyond.

“I don’t have the snake anymore,” Seraphin told Phillips.

“Ah, you got rid of Snakey!” Phillips said.

“Not exactly,” replied Seraphin. He paused. “I opened the cage one day, and he wasn’t there.”

According to Vice President of External Affairs Scott Giacoppo, the Washington Humane Society has not come across any milk snakes during his tenure. If it were to find Snakey, however, Giacoppo says that Seraphin would have to follow the same procedure as anyone else.

“Every now and then we’ll get a boa constrictor. We’ve had diamondbacks, alligators—we’ve had all kinds of things coming through,” Giacoppo says. “We would be able to find [Snakey] without question, and we would bring him into the shelter.” As far as the potential hazard that Snakey might pose to AdMo residents, Giacoppo advises not to fret: “They are harmless,” he says.

To anyone still concerned about Seraphin’s pet care abilities, though, the French Guiana native wants you to know one thing.

It’s not his fault.

“He escaped. I did not lose him,” Seraphin insisted. “He was in the cage and he just escaped.”

The date of Snakey’s escape remains unclear.


Image via @kevin_seraphin