After a long train ride from Wisconsin, Alexander Sahagian spent his first night in D.C. sitting on a park bench. He spent his second night in the D.C. Jail.

Sahagian, 52, is due back in court early next month after being arrested on charges of throwing stones or missiles, fireworks discharge, and disorderly conduct following his alleged throwing of fireworks at the White House on Sept. 16. On Sept. 17, Sahagian told Judge Michael McCarthy his decision to throw the fireworks “relates to a grievance I had with the federal government”.

But when asked to specify his problem, Sahagian seemed to have trouble picking just one. After a long pause he said, “I guess the intelligence community.”

Judge McCarthy told him, “You just said the magic words.” After the mass shooting at Navy Yard—-the same day Sahagian threw fireworks—-Judge McCarthy said he had vowed not to “be one of those sieves” that allows people to “slip through the cracks.”

Sahagian, who was released on his personal recognizance, said that although he just arrived from Milwaukee, he plans to live in the District. Back in Milwaukee though, Sahagian, is expected in court on Oct. 8 for a graffiti charge. “I don’t know if I can make that,” Sahagian said. According to court documents, Sahagian is scheduled to appear in D.C. Superior Court on Oct. 4 for a status hearing in connection with the fireworks discharge. Sahagian was also given an urgent-care referral and instructed to report to employment and shelter services.

“Right now this is a minor thing,” Judge McCarthy warned him. “Let’s keep it that way.”

For the time being, Sahagian has been instructed to stay away from the 1600 block of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Red fireworks rocket courtesy Shutterstock