Remember when Bao Bao was just born?
Remember when Bao Bao was just born?

Nothing is safe during a government shutdown. Nothing.

The National Zoo said today that, if Congress doesn’t pass legislation to fund the federal government in the fiscal year that starts tomorrow, the nation’s beloved Giant Panda Cam would definitely not operate.

City Desk reported last week that although the new panda cub would survive the federal shutdown, the fate of the live panda cam was still unknown.

The zoo will be closed to the public during the shutdown, but  Linda St. Thomas, chief spokesperson at the Smithsonian Institution, said last week that all the animals would continue to be cared for as normal.

If Congress doesn’t come to a budget agreement today, the shutdown would go into effect at midnight, and the panda cam will go down with it. So watch what’s happening in the panda den today while you still can.

Photo of Mei Xiang and her first cub courtesy of the National Zoo