If the federal government shuts down at 12:01 a.m.—-as now seems very, very likely—-many features of D.C.’s streetscape will look a little different by the time residents used to enjoying them wake up tomorrow morning. One tell-tale sign that the feds are closed for business? D.C.’s fountains, many of which are operated by the federal agencies that run the land they sit on.

But which D.C. fountains, you ask? Forty-five of them, in fact, including…

1. This one.

Malcolm X Park

2. And these.

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

3. And, Dammit, This One.

Dupont Circle

4. Seriously, This One Too?

The National World War II Memorial

5. Yup, This One.

Georgetown Waterfront Park

6. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

The National Zoo

Remember: While these fountains won’t be filled with federally pumped water, you can still flood them with your tears. (Unless they’re behind locked gates. In which case you’re out of luck.)

Photo No. 1 via Flickr user anokarina; No. 2 via Flickr user the ahnman; No. 3 via Flickr user NCinDC; No. 4 via Flickr user Phil Roeder; No. 5 via Flickr user Mrs. Gemstone; No. 6 via Flickr user _rockinfree. Additional reporting by Ryan Bacic