Kathryn Cornelius, “The Awakening” (2013)
Kathryn Cornelius, “The Awakening” (2013)

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When the fall wedding season collides with a government shutdown, the results aren’t pretty.

Twenty-four weddings are scheduled to take place on the National Mall during October, and any slated to take place while the government is shut down will be canceled, according to National Mall spokeswoman Carol Johnson. If Congress doesn’t pass an agreement to continue funding the government by Monday, the shutdown will immediately go into effect, shuttering the entire National Mall and all the Smithsonian museums. Update, Oct. 1: The shutdown also means D.C. Superior Court won’t be accepting new applications for marriage licenses.

“There are many weddings that take place at the monuments and national parks,” says Tyler FitzHugh, vice president of the D.C. area’s Association of Wedding Planners. “It is going to cause a problem.”

Nobody ever said love would be easy, not even our fun-loving federal government.

Photo of Kathryn Cornelius, “The Awakening” (2013)