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Yesterday saw tourists wandering aimlessly on the National Mall in search of something to do amid the government shutdown. But if Germans listen to their government, they won’t be among those aimless wanderers. The German foreign ministry has issued a travel advisory for the United States, with specific mention of some of the attractions that bring tourists to the nation’s capital.

Here’s the advisory (my translation):

In the U.S.A. on Oct. 1, the so-called “Government Shutdown” went into effect, meaning a reduction or closure of government business. With the exception of “essential” government work, the functioning of the U.S. government is ceasing until the U.S. Congress decides on a new U.S. budget.

Not affected is the work of air traffic controllers of the U.S. flight safety agency FAA. The immigration and security controls will also operate normally. However, travelers should be prepared for longer wait times at immigration.

Also affected is the processing of visa applications, so expect delays in this area.

Travelers in the U.S.A. must also take into consideration that U.S. national parks, state museums, and public facilities are closed until further notice, and destinations inside U.S. national parks cannot be reached.

(h/t Los Angeles Times)

Image from the German Foreign Ministry website